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Crags on the island



Nice crag with about 40 routes, the rock is easy to read and occasionly sharp as fuck. Perfect for projects, but don´t go around noon in summer, your brain is going to boil on the south wall.



People cry about the 20 minutes approach, nevertheless I guess the 20 routes are often hitting the dificulty from the start, since most of them are not to long. Morning Shade makes it manageble in summer.


Glova od bure

5 minutes approach, around 20 routes, mainly in the 5th grade, shadow in the afternnon, this place is a gem, perfect for beginners.



Not the most popular crag with its little over 20 routes, but the protection is good the routes are interesting and its afternoon shade. Cool old crag if you are looking for some sixers.


Cave and amphitheatre

Above Sveta Nedjelja on the south side, this crag is mostly popular for his three via ferratas, but there are also a few single and some duo pitches. Avoid the ferratas at noon due to south exposure.

Mala Stiniva

A tiny sector in the back of the bay, not even 10 routes.

The scenery is cool though and sends Lord of the rings vibes. If u just want to climb one or two sixers and go into the sea, that´s the spot. All day shade in the hole.


Ormaniceva spilja

A small crag above Jelsa, still under "construction". If the eight grade is no stranger to you, we can give you infos about the projects. Deffinetly not for beginners. Morning shade until 1PM.

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